Marketing Leader


Marketing Leader


Elena Pishkova


Moscow, Russia

  • Effective marketing leader with strong business background including 12 years in B2B and B2C marketing in IT, Telecom, FMCG retail, Services and Quick Service Restaurants;
  • Strong team leader and exceptional mediator of the multiple decisions within complex organizations;
  • 12 years of people management (up to 100 employees) and of large virtual teams creation;
  • Expert in cross-territories and cross-markets GTM strategies & full-cycle 360° marketing mix campaigns execution incl. modern digital engines;
  • Data, analytics and results driven passionate manager finding motivation in ambitious business goals.

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Go-to-market Strategy

Have a deep understanding of business strategy with the ability to apply it to an overall marketing approach.
Have successfully launched products into both a new and an existing markets.
Have deep expertise in managing multi-regional marketing strategies.

Brand and Marketing Communications Management

Lead brand development with a point of view on how to engage consumers and businesses in the most meaningful way.

Successfully led long-term marketing campaigns, owned strategic direction, implementation, performance measurement and evolution across channels for physical and digital customer interactions with confirmed results, including ATL communications in traditional media, events marketing, digital advertising, direct marketing, SEO/SEM, social, e-commerce, and physical retail space.

Strategic Partnerships

Concepted, negotiated and executed campaigns with key IT solution partners.

Acted as partners business development advisor to identify partner priorities, to define partnership business plan and to ensure implementation, as well as empowering partners businesses and teams growth.

Lead all communications, planning and relationships with franchisee partners on behalf of the Marketing team.
Established co-marketing campaigns and co-promo strategic partnerships.

Tools & Technologies

Have deep expertise in traditional as well as emerging digital marketing tools. 

Enterprise Software, SaaS, GSM Networks, CRM systems, Microsoft Office & iWorks, Digital Marketing tools, Business Intelligence tools and other.

Industry Knowledge

IT, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Service, Quick Service Restaurants.

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Business Alliances, Agencies Management, Partners Development.


Recent product launches and marketing activations:

KFC Coffee campaign, 2018

KFC Chefburger, Market Share Growth case, Effie 2018 finalist

KFC Value promo 2 for 99 campaign, 2018

KFC LunchBox 360 degrees campaign, 2018

Tagline Best Social Media Silver Award, Best Promoactivation Bronze Award, Best videoproject Bronze Award, Best Native Ads Bronze Award, 2018

KFC TV Shop Digital Activation, 2018

Microsoft at 404fest, Samara, October 2013 

Windows 8 Tatarstan Launch, March 2013

Несколько минут назад в Казанском Кремле завершилась встреча Президента Татарстана Рустама Минниханова с временно исполняющим обязанности Президента Дагестана Рамазаном Абдулатиповым. Делегация с Кавказа прибыла в Казань с рабочим ознакомительным визитом. На встрече речь шла о сотрудничестве двух регионов. По прилету в столицу республики два часа назад Рамазан Абдулатипов побывал в Ай-ти парке. Там прошла торжественная церемония запуска новой программы Windows–8 на татарском языке. Сегодня же представителей компании Майкрософт принял Рустам Минниханов. Речь шла о продолжении сотрудничества в использовании лицензионных продуктов компании.


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